Lesson 01: Introduction to the Plan On a Page

In Lesson One, a few of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Which important aspect of professional life changed…and why there’s a compelling need for a New Way of Thinking About Planning, Plans & Effort Execution.
  • Which historical, conventional project management practices are no longer relevant…and what you can do in their place to assure your efforts are successful.
  • How to detect and avoid preventable problems…and why relying on functional expertise (e.g., marketing; finance; engineering; HR; IT) is insufficient for launching & executing today’s successful efforts.
  • The essential activities necessary to build “Shared Understanding” and minimize the risk of scope creep, unmet expectations & rework…

…and much, much more.

Get Going. Get Done. Get Results.

When you’ve completed Lesson One, please be our guest for Lesson 02: Social Processes.

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