Solutions for New Project Managers

For New Project Managers, effectively planning & launching a successful project can seem bewildering. Unfortunately—in the absence of meaningful direction—too many new PMs are lured into the trap of excessive details.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Learning Plan On a Page will help you:

  • Start all efforts with confidence, build success and avoid preventable problems
  • Successfully guide key stakeholders
  • Develop coherent plans…where everything works together
  • Plan better and work smarter by enhancing your planning skills and ability
  • Seize Control in the Critical First 1% with a systematic, repeatable & predictable approach
  • Avoid the fog of premature detail and quickly surface clarity of purpose & intent
  • Gain focus with effective–yet simple–scoping and success measures
  • Assure clarity of expectations, requirements and deliverables
  • Undertake efforts with confidence & enthusiasm
  • Build workable plans…quickly and with certainty

Convenient, economical Project Management Training is available through the POP-University.

Online, or on-premises, with the new Plan On a Page Approach you’ll learn how to…

Get Going. Get Done. Get Results.

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