Advisory Services

Practical, pragmatic and effective project management planning, strategic, and advisory services for accomplished business & technology executives and project managers & their teams is available from Dr. Rick Hubbard PMP, SMP:

Dr. Rick Hubbard PMP, SMP

Dr. Rick Hubbard

Project Strategy (Including Strategies for Product, Event, and Strategy Efforts)

  • Executives (including Economic Stakeownership)
  • Leadership
  • Managers
  • Teams

Planning Practices (Using Planning System Dynamics

  • Approaches
  • Designs
  • Implementation
  • Assessments

Workshops & Facilitation Services

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Planning Workshop (Projects; Products; Events)
  • Requirements
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Risk Reduction Planning
  • Estimating
  • Retrospectives

Specialized Advisory Services

  • Rescue-911—Rescue for Failing/Failed Strategies, Projects, Product Development, Events
  • Project Autopsy—Why an Effort (Project, Strategy, Event, New Product Development) Failed
  • Business Cases using BRIEFCASE

Coaching & Assistance

  • Executives: How to be a Successful Project Sponsor (Economic Stakeowner)
  • Consultants & Other Advisors
  • New Managers
  • First-time Project Managers
  • Non-Project Managers
  • Team Leads
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