Actual Degree of Shared Understanding?

The Responsibility for Professional Skepticism, Part 2 of 3

Part I of this series highlighted the need for “Professional Skepticism” regarding estimates and [so-called] “Best Practices.” This second part examines the role of professional skepticism in warding off preventable problems regarding extent of [Actual] Shared Understanding. Next week, Part III will address Professional Skepticism with respect to an effort’s Degree of Commitment. Extent of [Actual] Shared […]


The Responsibility for Professional Skepticism, Part 1 of 3

Professional Skepticism—present, or absent—has made the difference between the success, or failure, of uncountable projects, products, meetings, events…efforts of all forms.  The antithesis of Professional Skepticism is too-frequently “Political Complicity.” To assure every effort’s success, in the Plan On a Page (POP) Approach, “Professional Skepticism” is one of the most significant responsibilities of the Effort’s […]


All Efforts Require Three Designs

“I don’t know. You’re the expert—you’re suppose to tell me what I need.” Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? While consulting to a major oil company regarding a project to significantly improve a key internal business processes, one of the first things I did—probably like you would—was interview the Sponsor. For this project, the Sponsor […]


All Projects & Efforts are Systems—and What That Means to You

Every effort (e.g., project, product development, strategy, event) you have, or will, worked/work on has three common elements: Structure, Behavior, and Interconnectivity (of elements). These three ideas (structure, behavior, interconnectivity) are also the key concepts in the definition of a system. What Does this Mean to You? All choices and changes affect the execution and […]